About the D4_sel_log_clear Patch

This patch periodically monitors for a full SEL log. If the condition is found the SEL log is cleared and the Health Monitoring service is restarted.

This patch is a workaround for the Watchdog Timer 2 alerts that are filling the SEL Logs (PR 56583)

The contents of the SEL log is sent in an email to the members of the "operators" distibution list if it is cleared by this patch.

This patch should only be used under the direction of Mirapoint Support.

Installing the Patch

To install this patch, follow these steps:

  1. Use a telnet or ssh client to connect to the administration command-line interface on your Mirapoint system.

  2. Log in as an administrator.

  3. Get your current system software version:


    If the version reported is a MOS 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, or 4.4 version, then you can proceed installing this patch.

  4. Install the D4_sel_log_clear patch:

    update install ftp://ftp.mirapoint.com/pub/mert/D4_sel_log_clear.mpu5

Always check the system log for important messages after performing an update -- whether it fails or succeeds.

NOTE: Installing this patch does not reboot the system.

This patch can be uninstalled to revert to the previous functionality, uninstallation does not reboot the system.