About the D4_migrate_series8 Patch

This patch allows the use of the MIGRATE command to move to a series 8 system running MOS 4.4 from a series 6 or 7 system running MOS 4.2 or later. This patch needs to be installed on both the source and the target system.

This patch also includes the following fixes that have been made in earlier releases:

This patch should only be used by Mirapoint Professional Services or on the advice of Mirapoint Professional Services

This patch has no impact on system services.

Installing the Patch

To install this patch:
  1. Use a telnet client to connect to the administration command-line interface on port 23 on your Mirapoint appliance.

  2. Log in as an administrator.

  3. Issue the following command:
    If version reported between 4.2 to 4.4.2, you can install this patch.

  4. Install the D4_migrate_series8.mpu5 patch:

    update install ftp://ftp.mirapoint.com/pub/mert/D4_migrate_series8

Always check the system log for important messages after performing an update -- whether it fails or succeeds.

NOTE: Installing this patch does not reboot the system nor restart any services.
This patch can be uninstalled. Uninstallation does not restart any services nor reboot the system.