About the D4_glibc_security Patch

This patch addresses the following issue:

  1. Installing this patch reboots the appliance.
  2. The patch can be removed (uninstalled).
  3. Patch removal also reboots the appliance.

Installing the Patch

To install this patch:
  1. Use a telnet client to connect to the administration command-line interface on port 23 on your Mirapoint appliance.

  2. Log in as an administrator.

  3. Issue the following command:
    If the result returned is between 4.3.3-GA and 4.4.6-GA, you can install this patch.

  5. Install the D4_glibc_security patch using the following CLI command:

    Update Install ftp://ftp.mirapoint.com/pub/updates/D4_glibc_security

Always check the system log after installing a patch regardless of whether installation succeeds or fails.